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The Wingard Group is a comprehensive wealth management firm to simplify the business of life.

The Problem

Many high-earners, executives, and business owners are set up to lose significant wealth to taxes and inefficiency. Better solutions may be available, but they are either never presented or not even understood in the big-box wire-house firms.


Further, fragmented planning (not connecting tax, business, investment, and risk) means life goals and family financial planning are reactive to change—the tail wags the dog.

Our Solution

The Wingard Group was founded to deliver a higher-level, more strategic financial plan for the high net worth. Our independent status on the Lion Street Financial platform allows us to identify and place best-of-breed solutions and customize extensively, unlocking better access for our clients to products and portfolios which match their need.

To simplify and overcome fragmentation in your planning, we deliver a personal CFO model. We build teams to execute your plan, and our relationships with the best tax advisors, insurance companies, banks and investment providers ensure that our clients’ plan stays focused and well-coordinated.

What to Expect

Expect comprehensive. We are going to review and consider every angle of your personal balance sheet. 

Expect leading-edge. We will present solutions you are familiar with, and ones you are not. We are interested in excellence and impact, and will offer you best-of-breed options.

Expect depth. Our Personal CFO approach means we will spend ample time understanding not just how you are invested or insured, but what you value and where you are going. Success means different things to different people, and we honor that in our planning.

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